Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a shop?

No, we don't have a shop. You cannot pick up your order at our address. 



My order was damaged on delivery

Take a photo of the package upon delivery and send it to our customer service info@denotekraker.be and we will look for a solution together. We cannot handle the complaint without a photo.



I think there is something wrong with the product

Quality comes first for us. We purchase only the best products and carry out continuous quality checks. However, our products remain natural products in which taste deviations naturally occur. Other deviations may have to do with the storage of the products. Our products must always be stored in a dark, dry and cool (between 5° and 18°) place, free of odors.

You can invoke your right of return within 14 days of receipt of your delivery.



Can I cancel or change my order?

After placing an order, it can no longer be modified or canceled.



I want to become a business customer.

Great! Be sure to contact us via the contact form or via info@denotekraker.be